Jubilant Pharma’s allergy business, HollisterStier Allergy was set with the purpose of providing relief to allergy sufferers.

Allergy Therapy ProductsAllergy Therapy Products In 1921, the pursuit of this goal by two doctors became the start of what is now a full line of allergy antigens, skin testing devices, and custom patient prescriptions. Dispensing these and other carefully selected complimentary testing and treatment products to allergy specialists across the US has been the key focus of our allergy business unit. We are currently taking a more global view towards providing allergy relief through expansion that has resulted in a strong market presence in Canada, New Zealand, France, South Korea, and Australia. This is further enhanced with applications aimed at bringing our products in India and Mexico.

For over 90 years, our focus has been on quality, and it will continue to be the driving force behind our allergy team. We believe in producing safe, effective products that meet our uncompromising standards. We also believe in providing our customers with personalized service including in-service demonstrations, device training, patient educational materials, and access to our experienced, knowledgeable staff members for individual consultation.

The business strategy adopted by Jubilant is to approach decisions with the intent to simplify our customers’ daily practices while improving the quality of life for allergy patients around the world. In order to deliver quality at all times, we constantly work towards:

  • Refining our manufacturing processes
  • Research and development of new products
  • Adding essential resale items
  • Drafting new patient education aids
  • Elevating our service levels